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Thread: Is our deer season really too long?

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    It depends a lot on your proximity to your hunting area. I have a spot right by my house that I can go to before and after work, in addition to my club. I "hunt" a lot if that's what you want to call it. But, YES, the season is too long.
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    35 days,half were 1/2 day sits and the other dark to dark the long season,gives ya time to get out.

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    I like the long season, I don't feel rushed to go, offers more time to schedule relaxed hunts with the boy or serious, hard core hunts alone, and due to work and family obligations, it is the hardest I have ever endured trying to find time to go, which used to be a few mornings a week before work during the entire bow season, a few shotgun and muzzy days, and a few winter bow days. As I reflect on how many days I put in this season, I am ashamed to only be able to count about 10 hunts and harvested 1 four pointer on last day of regular bow. Our annual WV trip filled the freezer again, thankfully, but my time in the NJ deer woods has dropped exponentially over the past few years...due to work, kids, wife, laziness, etc. I am going to make a point of it to get out a few times before winter bow season closes...winter bow has always been a real challenge on pressured deer!!
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    It's too long . Reason being is there are no breaks in the season letting deer unwind.
    Only takes a break of a few days for deer to relax and start moving more naturally in daylight hours .

    I would rather have less quality hunting days than more pressured days
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    I would say in 5 months of hunting, I spent a good month an a half in the woods. Granted I have a job with hours that consist of 6:30-2:30 and have lots of vacation, personal, sick and comp time to use.
    That being said.. our season is not too long, just limit the amount of deer that can be killed
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    I hunted every day for bear, which I plan on doing again. As far as whitetails go in NJ I could care a less if I ever sat another day in a tree in this state. Leasing a farm in Illinois this year and hopefully hitting Iowa again and the state along with the support of hunters can continue to mismanage their deer herd however they want to. It won't ever get better and only continue to get worse year after year until hunters finally decide they have had enough and make a personal commitment to change it.
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    Get rid of Sept.and Feb. 2 Bucks per Hunter a year.You choose when and with what you harvest them with.
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    I used to only bowhunt and probably went out at least three times a week. 6 years ago when my son started hunting gun hunting came back into my life and now with hunting for pheasant, rabbit, woodcock, duck, goose and yotes i only deer hunt around 20 days a season

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    I sat with my son probably 25 afternoons and 12 morning sits , scored during regular bow in October small buck, my son had an Oops in early November on a spike .... Didn't take any does saw 6 deer all season up to DECEMBER (zone 16) I've been hunting zone 8 now for late shotgun and have seen 15 deer with one opportunity that I blew... That's it . Only one deer taken for 2 weapons. Stateland is done. Season is too long and bag limits are out of bounds. Those that have access to private land may see more but I wouldn't know. Driving state tracts with the limits imposed is lunacy. There's no regard for what is being taken and that's what the lobbyist want .... Kill them all. If the sportsmen were in charge we would obviously shorten the season and put in place a better management plan . How's 4 does and 2 bucks all season , any weapon use choose during certain seasons
    October - November Bow , December Firearm (muzzy or shotgun) and how about season is THURSDAY thru SUNDAY for Bow and Monday thru Saturday for Firearm. Which should pose less of a safety issue for a week long season. Deer are pressured way too much by me , once the firearm season opened I didn't see anything Cameras were all night pics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by osod20ga View Post
    With a 5 month deer season how many days did you hunt for deer? I spent 10 days bow and 10 days gun hunting, I like the longer season due to time constraints but a lot of hunters disagree, just because we have a long season it doesn't mean everybody hunts every day. So what are your thoughts and how many days did you deer hunt during the 2016-2017 season?
    I like the long season. I wish people wouldn't try to manage how and when everyone else hunts. If the biologists say we're killing too many deer, then set bag limits. Otherwise, we should keep the calendar as open as flexible as possible. I probably hunt 30 days per year.

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