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    has anyone ever tried Pete Rickards buck lure? Any success?

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    all scent works if you know how to use it and what to expect. I have deer coming to sex scents now I know alot of guys say bs but those same guys are not out testing scents 12 months a year.

    the responses are different. now, then response is i is, what is that I smell? pre rut it is oh I hope! and rut it is where is she? post rut is oh there is one I didn't get

    we all want to see the mindless actions of the rut and the young energy of the pre rut. but fact is those actions all only happen at best 4 weeks. and the anticipation mind set maybe 4 weeks.

    Rickards scents has worked for many years I used his, Daily, Davy Bracken's, tinks and a few others to test mine against many years ago. they all work. but if you just hang in a tree good luck! the best scents will fail if there is no thought and understanding on use.

    I was asked the other night how can I make scents work my reply was you have to want them too!
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