Hog Hunting The Georgia Way . . .
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    I arrived in Georgia Wednesday evening for some Georgia Hog and Turkey hunting. I was determined that this year I was going to take a trophy boar and nothing less. Well, the hog hunting has been great, but I haven't even heard a gobble.

    By Thursday afternoon, we were on the river with the dogs on the boats all ready to go . . .

    It didn't take very long for the dogs to catch a familiar scent, jump off the boats, swim the river and go running onto the banks of Broughton Island. We could hear them chasing a hog and tried to keep up with them, but we were working our way through 5-6' needle grass, as well as, muck, real thick, gooey, muck and every step seemed to suck you into it. Several times I had to have a guide pull me out as I went in knee deep and just couldn't get out. And at one point coming out, I had to pass my bow across a stream and make the jump . . . I didn't succeed but thought that my baptism in mucky hog water was actually pretty funny. So, the hogs . . . upon finally reaching the dogs who had bayed a beautiful boar, I had to put two arrows in him. Both were good shots, but their skin, also refered to as their shield, is so thick, that he just didn't go down.

    So, what do you do with a hog, estimated at close to 250 lbs, standing there with two arrows in him, well, the guides say that you have to finish him off, and so I did, but I couldn't get the knife through the thick skin, so, I needed some help from one of the guides, but I finished him off . . .

    And here he is after we cleaned him up a little . . .

    And one more back at base camp . . .

    Well, they were going back out again on Friday in search of a meat hog for a dinner that one of the guides was planning for this week-end and invited me to be the shooter. Gotta love the southern hospitality !!! So, we headed back out again on Friday afternoon. Since we were hunting the intercoastal islands, we were limited to hunting the tides. Well, sure enough, fairly quicky, the dogs picked up their favorite scent and took off and we soon followed. They bayed up a large sow and she also took two arrows and the knife, but after only one arrow, she went running and we had to put the dogs on her again as we lost her in the thick needle grass.

    And one more back at base camp . . .

    I've really enjoyed the hog hunting, even though I swore last year that I wouldn't do it again. It's a gruleing hunt, hard to keep up with the dogs, very strenuous getting through the terrain, but last year was my lesson on what to expect, what to do and what not to do so that this year I could have a fantastic hunt in the dirt, the muck and the thick swamp. I've had a great time so far . . . now if I would just hear a gobble . . .
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    great goin robin! looks like a blast! congrats!
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    Very nice congrats! Robin those critters have some tough skin. I would suggest going to a cut on contact broadhead like the steel force phat head that greg uses or the Razorcap. Also you can get arrows built with extreme front of center that will drive through those pigs. An arrow like a easton full metal jacket or a Alaskan grizzlystik would be perfect. Absolutely awesome pics I hope you got some video to share. Very cool
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    looks like a crazy murder scene. whats next you going to drink the pig blood ?

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    Congratulations once again on restocking the larder.

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    great job

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    Very nice robin. Congrats
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    Got to admit
    You got Grit

    Congrats once again

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    Congrats Robin on that great pig

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