VA kills Sunday Bowhunting
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    I move out of NJ because of Democrat liberal a******* and my own Republican party in Virginia stabs me in the back and tells me I can’t hunt on Sundays on PRIVATE PROPERTY with a bow. Most Democrats on the committee voted for it and ALL Republicans voted against. Religion, farmers and horse riders killed this bill. Amazing.

    Nichols' call for Sunday bow hunting defeated By LILLIAN KAFKA Friday, January 25, 2008

    RICHMOND -- A House of Delegates subcommittee killed a Prince William County delegate's attempt to allow bow hunting on Sundays after hearing protests from farm and agricultural lobbyists. "The reasons for [opposition] begin with faith, and they expand to those people such as horse riders who enjoy the woods on Sundays," said Wilmer Stoneman III, a lobbyist for the Farm Bureau of Virginia.

    Del. Paul F. Nichols, D-Occoquan, called the Sunday prohibition of hunting on private property "outdated." He said he proposed the idea at the request of bow hunters who work Monday through Saturday.

    His bill, HB 1456, would have allowed bow hunting on Sundays on private property for only two years. Before he heard the request, the delegate from suburban Washington, D.C., said he didn't even know Virginia prohibited hunting on Sundays.

    "We've had this ongoing discussion about hunting on Sundays," said R. Lee Ware, R-Powhatan, chairman of the subcommittee.

    He joked and asked Nichols, "Boy, why'd you bring this bill to this committee?"

    Katie Kyger Frazier, lobbyist for the Virginia Agribusiness Council, said the only day during hunting season that horse riders can ride in the woods without fear of coming into crossfire is Sundays.

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    OK, VA is off the list of places to move to now

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    i dont get the horse riding thing ...if your on private land whats some1 riding their horse on it for....thats like saying if you wanna ride a horse go on private land and do it
    i pay to hunt you "pay to hike here"

    the 2nd ammendment is more important than the 1st..."have you ever tried to talk yourself out of getting robbed?"

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    Seems odd to me that the Virginia Agribusiness Council and Farm Bureau of Virginia would lobby against it.

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    that sucks my buddy just bought land and a home down there in the town of hurt .he isnt gonna be happy tonight when I tell him
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    Who's stopping you in them Hills?

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    when I moved to jersey from vermont 25 years ago I was shocked you could not hunt on sundays and that you had to use a shotgun on deer, I wish jersey would give the ok to bow hunt on sundays but it will never happen.
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