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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyJerzLab View Post
    Have any of you had to take your dogs to an oncologist? I have the unfortunate necessity to do so and am looking for recommendations and/or feedback.

    I was referred to a specialist at Blue Pearl in Manhattan but would like some other options.
    Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers

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    Quote Originally Posted by dubow View Post
    Just had the same issue with our yellow lab, she had an ugly tumor growing on her lip. Our holistic vet suggested we have it removed and have half of it sent to a company in Tampa that makes cancer vaccines with a 100 percent cure rate. If you send it to them and it's not needed, you wasted $250,if it is needed it's another $2,000 and they send you a vaccine one a week for 4 weeks, than once a month for 4 months and your dog is cancer free with absolutely no side effects like chemo and radiation. Obviously the vaccine is sent to your local vet and it is injected into a lymph near the tumor. Our lab is now cancer free and the best part VIP pet insurance did pick up a good part of the bill. Our current vet is here, the healing,our other great holistic vet, can help you anywhere via phone consulting. Good luck.
    dubow - is this company called Morphogensis?

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    Sorry and hope all goes well for your dog. I have used Red Bank in the past and have been pleased with them.

    I have never used this Vet, but a number of people (all from NJ) have recommended them. Hope Veterinary Specialists in Malvern Pa.- Dr. Craig Clifford, he came from Red Bank. One person had this to say; That their regular vet considered Dr. Clifford the Cadillac of oncologists.

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