Wtb: (but dont want to pay retail)
Scope, preferebly 30mm with qd rings. 4-16 or so magnification. On a reasonable budget of a few hundred bucks. Need it for a 556 bushmaster varminter rifle i use to shoot steel.

Flip up irons for the right price otherwise ill order Ozark brand ones for 30 bucks, but would obviously prefer a good brand. Ya get what you pay for.

14.5" barrel, maybe one already pinned to 16+: id like to build a short carbine; my DDM4V5LW is a hair longer than id like. Maybe a nice stock for the build as well as some type of rail setup. Have a complete donor rifle i bought off a member that ill rip the 20" barrel off of.

Brake/muzzle device for a Ruger precision rifle in 308

More to be added as i think of stuff.