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    I've seen similar articles of this type over the years....without New Jersey getting on Board with at least the " 3 points on one side Rule,on Buck harvests Statewide or in the Majority of the WMA zones", our Garden State will generally SUCK forever. Private lands owners, leased managed acres, food plots, posted signs, gates, and fences can only accomplish so much. The New Jersey authorities in Fish and Game should be told to read the article for homework. They need to Educate the hunting public,and initiate actions making the changes into more sound trophy inclined management, but they won't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcol6268 View Post
    I bet that's probably accurate. Most NJ Hunters I know go out of state to hunt as well, but the last couple years I've seen a huge incline in the out of state hunters coming to NJ, almost all of them from PA and Maine believe it or not lol and I'm talking about in totally different parts of the states. I know why PA doesn't have that many deer, all the guys I've seen shoot anything, it's brown it's down mentality. During 6 day I had them blow out one of my not so pressured public land hunts, luckily they left all the capes of the deer next to where I park, so I know none of them were the monster I'm after lol
    Hahaha welcome to Pa!
    Unlike alot of hunters I honestly could care less what state a person lives in or where they are from. I have relatives from many different states come to Pa. To hunt. I'm glad they do. Im not that greedy or hungry for a deer that I would wish non residents would stop coming.


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    how did hawaii not get worst?!
    United we stand, Divided we fall.

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