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    22 12.29%
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  • Allowed in any legal archery season as it is now

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Thread: Crossbow Poll

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    Started hunting with compound,then xbow, now back to compound,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WHY? Got to spend my money before the kids get it.

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    I'm not against them but a X-bow isn't for me I'm sticking with my recurve and long bows. It's just my choice as it is to anyone who chooses to use a X-bow.

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    The poll speaks volumes. I like this poll thing, I may have to try it again before I get banned from NJH... Thanks for your participation. In the future, I would suggest civil discourse and commentary "trumps" vitriole and hate speech. I for one thought it was just fine as it was for handicap/medical reasons. However - I have no issue whatsoever with someone choosing it for no other reason than because they really like it and it's legal. We all have opinions, but they are best expressed in a mature manner ( or with extreme sarcasm).
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    This is why

    Quote Originally Posted by JackHarris View Post
    I wanted to try out this poll feature to see if it works, so I thought crossbows were a hot topic because some hunter shot a monster buck with one and it appears to have ruffled some feathers...
    It "ruffled some feathers" because crossbows still take some practice but they do not take the same amount of skill, time or devotion as a compound bow. I think it is understandable for people that are handicap to use crossbows for hunting. Shooting a compound bow takes a lot of time to learn to shoot consistent accurate shots. There is so many more variables that play into where you shot will go and how it will fly out of a compound bow. you have to focus on what you target is as well as what pin you are using, and while you are doing that you need to make sure your anchor point is the same every time, that you get your release to go off as a surprise. You also can't use a rest with a compound bow, it takes a lot of timing and arm strength to know when you should pull your bow back and how long you can hold it for. Essentially i am saying a crossbow is a gun that shoots arrows. That is why old-school archery hunters don't like the idea of a crossbow being part of the archery season.

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    If its legal who cares..
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    I just want to Hunt...

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    Quote Originally Posted by makosnax View Post
    I'm not sure how I feel about this, I'm kind of biased because it got my son hunting while he is unable to draw 35#. On the other hand, I thought it was find the way it was, handicapped only. I'll sit this one out.
    These are the only situations I think they should be used during the archery season. For a child too small to pull the minimum 35 lbs or for a handicapped adult. My son and I have been hunting the Monmouth County parks and besides the two of us we have only seen one other hunter with a vertical bow, everyone else has had a crossbow, This is with us seeing about 20 other hunters over the season. In my very informal observation that works out to less than 15% true archers!
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    anyone hear ever beat a dead horse???

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    I love my compound and hope to shoot it again but God I will never judge. One never knows where they may end up. I'm glad you can still get out and do what you love. That's what's most important

    Very well said, I am 67 years old and needless to say I have physical limitations that stop me from pulling a vertical and holding it if the deer hangs up behind a tree, having said that, using a crossbow allowed me time in the deer woods that I wouldn't have otherwise and would have had to stay home and wish I were in a tree. So for the critics, if you at 67 years old can still pull the weight of a vertical standing on a platform in a tree, hats off to you, but eventually you will resort to using the crossbow if you had not quit hunting altogether by then

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    I voted. I don't personally use an x bow but it has allowed a lot of guys who had to stop bowhunting due to having issues pulling back a compound anymore that wouldn't be considered "disabled" also it gets kids in the woods who are young and have trouble pulling back legal weight for compound and imo just getting right to the exact pound to be legal is pushing it as it is. I don't use one but if it allows the very.young or aging to get started doing something they love.or get doing something they love, I'm all for it. I also know guys that are perfectly capable of using a compound but just plane suck at it no matter how much they practice. You know , the guy who.calls you to help.track 4 times week and it's either a miss or a marginal shot, yea that guy can definitely benefit from an x bow haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toad View Post
    At 78 years old, I love the Xbow.

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