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  • 100% of your time hunting deer is on PRIVATE land

    54 33.33%
  • 100% of your time hunting deer is on PUBLIC land

    39 24.07%
  • Majority of time is on PRIVATE land, but some public

    34 20.99%
  • Majority of time is on PUBLIC land, but some private

    35 21.60%
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Thread: POLL: do you hunt deer on private land or public land?

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    Private for sure....Montgomery Twp Deer Program...they have about 10-12 properties maybe that you have to pay for but it's only $100 and you get a tag stating which property you can hunt
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    I've gone from years of private land to 4 years of public land to basically calling it quits in New Jersey and hunting 3 pt. private in New York. I'd rather give my money and time to a state that has a plan. May be 3 hours from my home but I wouldn't change. NO DRIVING.....no baiting ........quality deer and a totally different experience from congested NJ. What a change from sitting on a mountain overlooking rt. 78 or rt.195 and listening to traffic buzz by. . Peace, quiet and quality deer .....Imagine! Saw no one during bow, 2 hunters during regular rifle and both my son and I tagged out. Can't beat that. No more All Around for me.
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    Deer hunt private everything else public. Going bunny hunting Monday just to try and run deer over to our property. Gotta love NJ.
    I hunt deer because I love the entire process, the prepartion, the excitement, and the sustained suspense of trying to match my woods lore against the finely honed instincts of these creatures.

    Fred Bear

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    Deer 100% private. Small game, turkeys, waterfowl- some private, some public.

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    Been busting my arse for 3 years for private land without success. A friend of mine put me in his stand on private land a few times this year where I saw more deer than I saw in 3 years on public land. The search continues....

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